Nineteenth Message from Servants of Source: Don’t give up! We are almost there!

Be Prepared!

The advance into the Age of Aquarius cannot be stopped.  The stream of divine light intensifies each day.  All that was hidden in plain view will be…is being exposed.  Those who have controlled and manipulated the mass consciousness are panicking.  They will put all their remaining misguided energies into a last-ditch effort to disrupt the collective awakening of Earth’s human race. 

Each individual can make a difference to the collective vibration by remaining centered in light and maintaining a frequency of joyful anticipation.  Refuse to buy into the daily drama that plays out before you.  Be excited!  The era of greed, corruption is almost over.  No longer will the populus exist as zombies chasing their own tails.  Apathy is out!  Heightened awareness is in!

The biggest difference you can make is in changing the way you pray.  Instead of feeling powerless and asking God to intervene and make changes on the human realm, focus on activating the God spark within you.  Nurture it.  Illuminate your souls.  Raise your vibration to meet that of your Maker…the maker of your souls.  Can you imagine what would happen if even ten percent of your race focused on their divinity and matched God’s vibration in love and true compassion?  What glories would we see!  All disruption would dissolve in the blink of an eye…and all that with only ten percent centered in pure divine light.

Your awareness guides your experience.  You have the opportunity to walk away from all that is broken and dysfunctional and experience in a realm of consciousness that seems both magical and science fiction… when perceived from your current view-point.  Can you imagine the magnificence?  Close your eyes and try…

Be at Peace and Smile More Often.  All is well.  Really.  We mean it. 


Eighteenth Message from Servants of Source: Koran burning.

We are very glad to be with you once again.

There is a lot going on in your realm right now.  This is to be expected for we are approaching  the Age of Aquarius, an opportunity for Humanity to express a greater awareness, to co-exist respectfully.  There is much to comment on but we shall do so sparingly, addressing only those issues which we believe pertinent to your awakening in collective consciousness.

Regarding the burning of a Koran by a Florida pastor and the resulting violence:  What a perfect example of spiritual immaturity by both parties.  God is perfect and cannot be insulted, so there is no need to rush in and defend The Almighty.  Our souls are creations of God and therefore cannot be insulted or attacked. Only those locked in a false sense of self can insult and be insulted.  A spiritually evolved being simply chooses not to perceive the illusion of  insult.  When it is not fed fuel, a fire will eventually die out.

Let us remind you once again that you are Divine energy currently on a physical adventure for the greater glory of your soul’s experiencing.  Your soul is eternal.  Your Humanity is temporary.  Stop taking yourselves so seriously.  As much as we love you, and we do, some of your actions look pretty ridiculous from our vantage point.

Be at peace and smile more often.


The Return of Servants of Source 2011: Seventeenth Message

We are very glad to be with you again.

Our absence was due to the physical health of our vessel.  By that we mean our beloved earthly channel and not any form of spacecraft for we are currently experiencing in spirit and require no such mode of transportation.  The vessel’s form has been repaired and contracts reinstated.  All is as it should be and, provided she continues to care for her form in the suggested manner, will continue to be so.  We have faith that she will continue to awaken in spirit for in doing so, she will dissolve the prize possession of humanity…the stubborn streak.

In truth, we have not been absent.  We are a collective of light and may re-group or individualize as needed.  We speak through many in myriad forms with many names.  This is possible when ego is understood and transcended.  The Cosmos is busier than you can ever imagine but it can only be understood when the soul is still enough to experience the movement.

We are confident that we shall return shortly.  We are, as always, your loving counsel and impartial guides.

Sixteenth Message From Servants of Source: Dimensions. Spirit and Form.

We are very glad to be with you again.

We understand that it is confusing for most people to grasp the concept of  dimensions.   We are often asked,  “Will we have to die to live in the fourth dimension?”    The answer is no, you don’t have to die to live in the fourth dimension but you may do so if you wish.   Let us clarify.   All dimensions, except those very close to Source, have a physical realm of experiencing and a spirit realm of experiencing.   It is assumed that if you are alive on Earth right now, you are experiencing in form.   It is assumed that when you die, and we do not like that word much but it will suffice for now, you will be experiencing in spirit.   Density or spirit…either way you are alive and experiencing.

Many assume that the advanced ET beings currently inhabiting your galaxy are spirits.   Well, if they were indeed spirits, they would not need their space craft!  Some are fifth and sixth dimensional beings yes, but they are in form.   When the time comes for them to leave those bodies, they will transition to their other side, their equivalent of  Earth’s Nirvana.

Every dimension holds various frequencies.   Look at your population today.    Although Earth it is considered a third dimensional density, many levels of awareness are present….are they not?   You have insects.   You have plants.   You have a variety of animal life.   You have a variety of human awareness.   All are in form.   When they are no longer in form, they will continue experiencing in Nirvana…in spirit.  

 We hope this has answered many questions.   The path is well lit.   Be at peace for all is well.

Fifteenth Message from Servants of Source: Ascension…?

We are very glad to be with you again.  In fact, we are in a perpetual state of gladness!

How would you define Ascension?  Perhaps it would depend on your background and managed education.  For most, it represents the idea of going to Heaven without corporeal death.  This is not altogether a bad description.  One simply has to understand that the body is merely a vehicle for the soul and that the  Heaven of your teaching is a sacred threshold into another dimension of experiencing…not the end of the road where one sits on a cloud, plays the harp and the prophet of that particular culture pats you on the head.

We love you our beloved Earth family, for most of us were once as you are now…and even if that were not so, we would love you anyway!   The good news is that most of you will soon be as we are now. 

For those who wish it, we shall be your loving guides and impartial counsel.

The path is well lit.  Be at peace for all is well.

Fourteenth Message from Servants of Source: Response to your questions re Obama etc.

We are very glad to be with you again.

Let us first respond to the following:

Q:  On the surface Obama appears to be a dark hat. However, many channeled messages depict him as a highly advanced soul- a white hat. What EXACTLY is his role? What is he currently doing to accomplish his role?

A:  Do not assume for one moment that he is the one golden saviour of a new age!  He is part of a huge collective of light currently experiencing on your realm on many levels.  Just as the activities of the Illuminati have been hidden from you, so too (for now) and quite rightly, are the activities of the Illuminated.   The systems currently in place on Earth will collapse under the weight of their own dysfunction.  Obama and all like him will be there to catch the fall out and facilitate the establishment of a new order of things…one that is truly fair, equitable and enlightened.  These structures are being designed in advance of the collapse to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Q:  There are conflicting reports. What is the true extent of the damage in the Gulf of Mexico and its surroundings? What is the main source of the damage- the oil or the TOXIC chemical dispersant? Is/has the damage been minimized by Ashtar and others? Also, are chemtrails being neutralized by our cosmic brethren?

A:  Be assured that your Inter Galactic family continues to provide ongoing support and help as needed with such events.  They cannot step in and stop humanity from creating such events, but they do as much as they can to aid Mother Earth in her recovery.  The amount of oil was vast and certainly damaging but it could have been managed without the use of dispersant.  Many such events (not only oil) will take place as Earth continues to rumble and shift.  Given the millions of miles of pipelines carrying various liquids and gases, this is to be expected.

Q:  If sixth density beings are managing the Earth/evolution, and God created evil to exist so we can have duality and exercise free will, and it’s destined for mankind to free himself from the invisible prison, what role do we play at all. If it’s destined to happen?

A:  No one is managing anything.  Monitoring evolution is not the same as managing.  God did not create evil…His creations are not mice in a laboratory experiment!  Nothing is destined to the extent you believe it to be…you are not micro-managed.  The Universe cycles as it will but this is not destiny.  The role you play within the cycles are of your choosing…your choices are a very great part of  the creation process.  The world you inhabit today is a result of all the choices made by your race thus far. 

Q:  Is density/duality/evil no longer needed on the 4th dimension?

A:  There is still room for evolution on the 4th.  The ego, as you currently understand it, is not fully transcended until the upper realms of the 5th.  It is true, however, that there is less contrast as you move into higher frequencies, for you would not be inhabiting the higher dimensions  had you not resolved the greater part of contrast.  However, contrast is relative to the level of one’s awareness and alignment.  You are forever creating and therefore forever learning. 

Q:  Why will humans and animals alike be vegetarians after the ascension/on the fourth dimension?  Won’t our bodies need some sort of protein?

A:  No, your bodies will not need flesh nutrients for nourishment.  The 4th dimension is attuned to high light frequencies and your new bodies will reflect this.  Your bodies will literally sparkle!  These new bodies will not need large amounts of food to sustain them.  In fact, and again according to one’s level of awareness and alignment, some will be able to function for long periods on just water and laughter!

We thank you for your questions.  For those who wish it, we shall be your loving guides and impartial counsel.

The path is well lit.  Be at peace for all is well.

Thirteenth Message From Servants of Source: Forgiveness, Awareness, Divine Potential.

We are very glad to be with you again.

What is forgiveness?  What purpose does it serve? 

Most interesting and valid questions on your current realm of experiencing.  What would you forgive…?  Sin…?  What is sin…?  What is illusion…?  What is reality…?  Is there a difference between illusion and reality…?  If it were so, how would you know?  At your current level of experiencing, perhaps you would not.  But then again, your level of awareness is not confined to your realm.  Do you have earthworms on your planet?  Do you have enlightened Humans on the same planet?  Are earthworms enlightened Humans…no…they are not.  A realm may have many levels of awareness experiencing within it.

If you understood that the only truth is your Divine Potential and that you are individualized aspects of God experiencing all over the Cosmos, you would not need forgiveness for you would understand that all is illusion.  God sees the illusion, or experience, and therefore has no need to forgive you for It sees you only as your origin and true vibration… Divine.  If you saw your brothers and sisters through the eyes of God, forgiveness would be obsolete.

You do not have to prove anything to God.  You have been taught the opposite and this is the greatest wrong that needs be righted on your realm.  Please think on this and allow it to guide your prayerful contemplation.

For those who wish it, we shall be your loving guides and impartial counsel.

The path is well lit.  Be at peace for all is well.

Twelfth Message from Servants of Source: Your questions, Pre-birth agreements, Free will, Thoughts, Jesus etc.

 We are very glad to be with you again.

We have been asked to comment on the following;

Q:  Free will vs. pre-birth agreement.  What is planned vs. how much control do we have as to outcomes?  How detailed is the plan?

A:  Your pre-birth agreement is free will.  You choose the lessons you wish to learn for each life experience and, prior to incarnation, you write a possible scenario to make such lessons possible.  You may compare it to writing the plot for a play…it is not a detailed script.  Outcomes will vary for many reasons.  The players may not honor their contracts.  They may awaken sooner than anticipated and declare future contracts null and void.  They may decide they no longer want to play.  The reasons are many.  Each soul writes its own plan…it is not given to you as a project to be implemented for another. 

Q:  If we are all one consciousness, and we are not to be “victims” of “them”, why the emphasis on the darkness leaving or being brought to justice?  If there is no good or bad, only experiencing, what difference does it make how people act, good or bad?

A:  We are all one consciousness experiencing at different levels of awareness.  The higher the level of awareness, the closer the alignment with Source.  There is no polarity within Source.  Light and dark, good and bad, north and south etc these perceptions are from the outer realms of experiencing.  You create something you like and you give it  name.  You create something else which you do not like and you give it a name.  Now you know and can identify with what you do like and what you do not like.  Does it not feel natural to dissolve the things that you do not like to have in your experience…that do not feel in alignment?  What would happen if you allowed such things to linger and litter your realm?  What happens when trash is left untreated…it rots and stinks.  It makes a great deal of difference how people act…will you be a zombie or an expression of God?  If nothing mattered, you would have stayed within Source and basked in your own unfulfilled potential.  You came out to this realm to have a wonderful adventure and to bring God’s light into the experience.  Get on with it!

Q:  Where do my thoughts come from?

A:  Your thoughts are the result of your awareness processing the dimensional realm it is currently inhabiting. 

Q:  Will Jesus re-incarnate in 2012 and lead us out of the darkness?

A:  No. The last time he tried such a thing a great veil was thrown over the purity of His Light.  He would say that he did not come to lead anyone anywhere but rather to teach the concept of self-realization or oneness within The Divine.  His words were corrupted to such an extent that the complete opposite has been taught…separation between man and God!  It is indeed time for the Light to purify all such nonsense and liberate Humankind from these obscene bonds of limitation.

This will suffice for today.  For those who wish it, we shall be your loving guides and impartial counsel.

The path is well lit.  Be at peace for all is well.

Eleventh Message from Servants of Source: Your questions, Romantic love, Divine plan.

We are very glad to be with you again.

You have asked us to comment on the following:

Q:  I have a question that might be a bit ridiculous. Where does romantic love fit into all of this? I know the standard answer is that we have millions of soul mates, etc. and that it’s about compassion for all humans, no matter who they are to you, and I can see (though not fully “get”) how there could be a non-grasping form of romantic love. But is there ever an instance when something between two people can be deeply personal but non-grasping in that way. Or is the desire for that just an indication that you don’t have enough intimacy in your life in general?
A:  There certainly can be beautiful, loving and non grasping relationships between two people.  These two people, however, would be self realized within their divinity and therefore content to be alone.  They would not need eachother…need as in aching…but they would want to experience together for the greater glory of their souls.  At this level of awareness romantic love could be great fun.  The trouble starts when people start seeing each other not as God Sparks but as the roles they are supposed to play out.  There is no value in co-dependency.  If you truly love another, you will not attach yourself to the relationship.  Jesus and Mary are good examples of this type of pure love.  They truly loved one another and cared deeply for their children, but each had a path to follow and eventually they had to go their separate ways.  Neither party felt wronged.  The love never diminished.  In fact, the resonance of that union still blesses your realm today.

Q:  Here’s another one that’s been bugging me… an apparent contradiction. Since there is no future, how can there be a “divine plan”? For example, how can it be that it is known that an astronomy based change is going to take place on December 21, 2012 (or any equinox or solstices)? There are cycles, implying future. It has been stated that Gaia has already ascended and it is guaranteed that we will enter the Golden Age. It must have to do with the continuum. Please explain.

A:  The Divine Plan is your Creator’s promise to keep an eye on things and to keep order in the Cosmos.  There is no page by page plan.  That would contradict free will which gives the experience validity and purpose.  The Eternal Now means keeping your focus on the present moment.  It does not eliminate past history or negate the potential that the future holds.

The process of self expression and experiencing thrusts the soul away from the center of Source…at least that is your perception as experiencing seems to become solid.  You may say that time warps as it travels outward from Source.  Was the Cosmos created in six days?  Your scientist beg to differ but then again, they are looking at it from an Earth perspective.  Time warped into billions of years of processing experiences.  From the perception of Source, it may well have taken only six days.

Universal Cycles evolved as needed.  When Creator Big Banged, it was not known how life would unfold and evolve.  Would it unnerve you to know that we  made it up as we went along?  Would it disturb you to know that we still do?  We are ever evolving…ever learning and ever resolving.

This will suffice for now.  For those who wish it, we shall be your loving guides and impartial counsel.

The path is well lit.  Be at peace for all is well.

Tenth Message from Servants of Source: Your questions: Pray to who? Compassion. Colonized by aliens?

We are very glad to be with you again.

We have been asked to respond to the following questions.  We like questions.  It means that you are ready to expand awareness.  This is good.

Q:  Am I to pray/talk with God (of our universe) or with Creator??

A:  It matters not for they are the same energy.  You may have heard it said that, ” There are many Gods but only one Source from which God comes.”  Source is the hub of all potential experience (and so much more but we do not want to get into that right now.)  God is the active force of the Creator.  Creator not in potential but in action. 

Q:   What happens when everyone finds their true selves and become one? What exactly do “each of us” do? Who is left to “help”? What do we do if we are no longer working slaves?

A:  When you have experienced all that you wish to experience and resolved all in love, you may, after much purification, return to Source.  You may find this hard to believe, but you will probably want to send a part of your soul out to experience again for we were created to do just that…to create!  Perfection is an end, the completion of a cycle.  For the creative soul, resting on one’s laurels can be an uncomfortable experience.

Q:   If compassion is feeling what someone else is experiencing, if I don’t feel a need to show compassion in a certain situation does that mean my soul already had that experience? Is it “okay” not to feel compassion?

A:  Compassion is misunderstood.  Why would you not feel compassion for another?  Your Creator adores you and looks upon you with the most tender compassion but not because you are considered unworthy and must be pitied.  Quite the contrary.  Source only sees you as an individualized fragment of  unblemished divine potential having an adventure.  Can you not see all through the eyes of your Creator?  Compassion does not require you to have a bleeding heart and magnify the resonance of discomfort.  It simply requires you to see the big picture.  We find that at times, when certain souls in Human form are advancing in spiritual practice and awareness, they are for a while less than tolerant toward those who ,”Just don’t get it.”  There is judgement (not discernment).  Where there is judgement, there is no vibration for compassion.

Q:  Since we are human BEings and we are here to experience, are we to experience or be? If everyone did nothing, there would be nothing to experience.

A:  You have misunderstood this concept.  It means, “Stop identifying with the contents of your mind.  Stop running around like busy worker bees building polishing your images and defining your earth identities.  Stop feeding the false alter ego self.”   Of course you will have to do things!  It means knowing that you are God having a Human experience and work…or do… from that vantage point.  Consider the lilies of the field….

Q:  Will Earth be colonized by aliens?

A:  It already has been.  They were your ancestors. 

Q:  Will there be food on the fourth dimension?  Will we need to eat?

A:  You will eat small to moderate quantities of untainted plant foods and drink clean water.  You will not produce or consume manufactured, processed and chemical laden foods.  You will only put into your bodies that which will come out of your bodies in a form that will benefit the Earth.  The new vibration will not tolerate the torture and murder of living things.  It would be of great benefit to all who regularly consume meats to make every other day a vegetarian day.

This will suffice for today.  We welcome your questions!  For those who wish it, we shall be your loving guides and impartial counsel.

The path is well lit.  Be at peace for all is well.